Popular Culture · Children’s Media · Sex and Gender Politics· Representations of the Intersections of Sexuality, Race, and Gender:
Critical and cultural theory through intersectional feminist praxis to analyse representations of identities and bodies (body politics).

Critical (Feminist) Pedagogy · Education Policy · Teaching and Learning:
Development of inclusive engaged pedagogy and the encouragement of participatory community classroom cultures, brave(-r) space pedagogical practices.

Religious Literacy · Pluralism · Interfaith, Interreligious, Intercultural Dialogue:
Approaching diversity through pluralistic understandings of difference and engagement.


I previously was the Project Manager and a former Research Assistant for the SSHRC Insight Development Grant-funded Augmented Criticism Lab (ACL) in the Department of English (University of Calgary), an Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Michael Ullyot in the Faculty of Arts (University of Calgary), and an Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Patrick Finn in the School of Creative and Performing Arts (Drama, University of Calgary).