This summer, I returned to the University of Calgary to work on a new co-curricular program called Intersections in Diversity for undergraduate students, which is offered by Student and Enrolment Services. The program is sponsored in part by the the Campus Mental Health Strategy.

This fall 2018, University of Calgary students can enrol in the Intersections in Diversity Program to acquire key concepts, resources, and skills that will equip them to engage meaningfully with others, identify inequity, and get involved in making the UCalgary community a more inclusive space for all.

The program offers eight (8) workshops for participants covering issues and identities related to Indigeneity, race, gender, amongst others. The aim is to provide undergrads with intro-level understandings of discrimination and what actions they can take to begin allyship and anti-oppression work.

Find out more about the program by reading the University of Calgary UToday article (here) or visit the Program’s website: